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A Catered Event Story

Columbus Ohio Event Catering


A statement from A Catered Event’s CEO:

“I founded R. L. Himes & Associates, Inc. in March of 1977.  I started out in the Vending / Automated Food Service Business. Being an Entrepreneur, I was always looking for a way to expand my business. When other adventures came along, I seized the opportunity to create new businesses. After operating the Vending business and an Office Coffee Service, we moved into a school lunch program. Our company at one time even included swimming pool concessions and hotel gift shops. The business was run from several locations and moved into the newly built warehouse & offices (the present location) on Groves Road in 1986. Since then a commercial kitchen, additional offices and warehouse space were added. The size of the building also was expanded several times to meet the needs of the growing businesses and its many employees. Eventually, I expanded into the catering business to add another dimension to our catering division in order to encompass both the wedding and corporate industry needs.  At that time my wife, Mary Jane, joined me in the event catering side of the business. She along with the rest of our catering staff coordinate all of the client’s needs, including rental equipment, linens, bar service and every detail to insure that everything goes smoothly the day of the event. Today in addition to our event catering, we also cater an average of 2,500 meals across the central Ohio area every day.

Even though I am not a trained Chef, I do like to cook and enjoy a good meal! Sharing great food with you is truly my passion, but I know event catering is more than just a tasty meal. It has everything to do with the overall experience during the planning process, and the execution of the event. Operating my catering company is just what I want to do; I get to do something different every day, work with great people and help couples design their ideal wedding or a company a great event. I’ll never lose sight of that, and I appreciate the opportunity to be your trusted caterer.”

-Robert Himes, President and CEO


Let us make your next event… A Catered Event