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Columbus Ohio Social Event Catering

A Catered Event Staff Columbus OH


We provide quality quality service that exceeds your expectations.

Our staff consists of chefs, event consultants, professional wait staff as well as office personnel, drivers and kitchen help. Our team is committed to providing quality service that exceeds your expectations. Sit back and let A Catered Event show you what full-service catering really means!

A Catered Event Columbus

Robert L. Himes

President and CEO

While attending Franklin University, Bob worked for Albers Supermarkets becoming an Assistant Store Manager for several locations in Columbus. Later he worked for the Credit Bureau of Columbus before taking a job with the brand new Federated Discount Store, Gold Circle, on April 1, 1967. Starting out in their first store as a department manager, he worked up to being a buyer for the store chain. Desiring to be a business owner, he left this company and founded R. L. Himes & Associates, Inc. in March of 1977. Along with his professional career, Bob is a Lay Minister for the Methodist Church, was a volunteer fireman for 15 years, and past President and Chairman of the Board for the Central Ohio Restaurant Association. He sits on several boards and advisory committees for other organizations. Bob has stated that, “I am passionate about what I do while striving to make people happy. I want to know that the world is a better place because of the hospitality services and philanthropic community support that I have provided.”

A Catered Event Columbus

Mary Jane Himes

Event Coordinator

Mary Jane has worked in the catering business beside her husband, Bob, for the past 13 years as an Event Coordinator. A graduate of Ohio University, she is a school teacher with many years of experience educating children (mostly first & second graders) in the Columbus area. Presently, she is an in-school tutor at a school in Whitehall, working every morning with children in grades K-4 who need help with Reading and Math. At A Catered Event she works mostly with clients. She works at bridal show, meets with prospective clients, organizes the details for the events, creates marketing materials, prepares lists of equipment needed for the off-premise events, and is an on-site manager at many events. Mary Jane enjoys having the opportunity to serve our clients on their very special day. She wants to help them create memories that will last a lifetime.

Elizabeth Francis

Catering Manager

Elizabeth has been with A Catered Event for the past two years. Her responsibilities consist of creating the magic… building client relationships, planning and coordinating so that all details come together and create a flawless and memorable event. Elizabeth’s passion is bringing the clients ideas and dreams to life while creating that silver lining in every event. The key for Elizabeth is connection, truly building that relationship with our clients and walking that journey with them; whether it’s a wedding reception, gala, or a corporate event… the magic awaits.

A Catered Event Columbus

John Van Norman

Equipment Manager & Event Coordinator

John has been with A Catered Event since October, 2016. He works closely with clients to ensure the success of each event. Along with client relations, he also manages all of the equipment for every catering operation. John attended Sinclair Community College and obtained a degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism/Meeting and Event Planning. Before joining the team at A Catered Event he was the Event Coordinator at the Amelita Mirolo Barn in Upper Arlington, Ohio. John has always had a passion for the hospitality industry and has already been a part of a wide variety of events. He loves to make his clients visions and ideas become a reality.

Robin Carlisle

Catering Assistant

Robin joined A Catered Event last year and is a welcome addition to our team. Before that she worked at Fairfield Medical Center for five years. At A Catered Event she works with the clients from setting up their initial meeting to verifying the last minute details for their event. She not only prepares proposals, contracts and invoices for the events, but is responsible for handling the financial details for the clients. Although Robin has worked for A Catered Event as a server at many events, she is most valuable in the office for keeping everything organized. Robin is a “people person”, and she feels that customer service is extremely important. She enjoys working with the clients and making everything connected to the event and the day extra special for them.

A Catered Event Columbus

Chef Christopher Chapa


Chris has been preparing food for A Catered Event for the past five years. He received his training and education in Culinary Arts from Hocking College which is accredited through the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation. Before joining A Catered Event, Chef Chris worked for Cardington-Lincoln Local School District for five years as Food Service Director. He has also worked in kitchens at several local universities over the years. At A Catered Event Chef Chris is not only responsible for preparing the delicious food served at our events, but he also handles the food orders, creates new items to add to our menu and puts together menus for unique events. His passion is being creative, developing new recipes, and seeing the end result of the food he has prepared.

A Catered Event Columbus

Chef Eric Bauerle


Having received his education at Career Tech Education through C-Tec and Columbus State, Eric has had an extensive career in food service. He has worked as a Chef for several area Country Clubs and was Executive Chef at Grand Host East for five years. After teaching Culinary Arts for Career Tech Education at Tolles Career & Technical Center for twelve years, Eric joined A Catered Event. Chef Eric has been a vital piece of the catering success of A Catered Event for the past seven years. He says he got his inspiration and love for cooking from his dad and his grandmother, who was a great baker. He enjoys the cooking and presentation of all food. It makes him happy when everything fits together for the special event, and he sees the happiness the food has brought the clients.

A Catered Event Columbus

Chef Daniel Clingman

Chef and Logistics Manager

Dan has worked for A Catered Event for the past two years as a Catering Chef and Transportation / Logistics Manager. He is responsible for truck routing, meal deliveries, and securing necessary drivers. Dan is a trained Chef and works as an on-site Chef for our events. He received his certification as a Souse Chef from the American Culinary Federation through Columbus State. Prior to coming to A Catered Event he worked for Cameron Mitchell for two years and was a Catering Chef for New Albany Country Club for four years. A Chef from Columbus State once told Dan that “Food is one of those things that can transport people back in their lives to memories of special times in their past.” Dan wants to provide those special memories and enjoyment to our clients on their special day.

A Catered Event Columbus

Chef Alyson Corns

Chef and Kitchen Manger

Alyson has been with A Catered Event since 2015. Her main responsibilities are to make sure the kitchen operations run smoothly. She is also one of our head chefs at special events. Before coming to A Catered Event Alyson attended Columbus Culinary Institute where she graduated with a degree in culinary arts at the top of her class. Alyson has always had a passion for food and enjoys to bake. Her specialty is cheesecake.

A Catered Event Columbus

Shannan Hobbs

Office Manager

Shannan has been with A Catered Event for the past 10 years. She manages the front office along with the school lunch program. Shannan graduated from Columbus State with a degree in Business Office Administration. She has formed many great working relationships with clients and makes sure to lend a listening ear when needed. The true passion behind her career is to assist each customer with solving any problem that they may have to ensure complete satisfaction.

A Catered Event Columbus

Jessica Baker

Dietary Manager

Jessica has been a part of A Catered Event since October, 2016. She plans all of the menus for our food program that serves a wide customer base that includes infants to elderly consumers. She ensures that every meal meets the nutritional requirements and regulations that the FDA requires. Jessica also collaborates with our executive chef regarding food orders, food safety guidelines, while enforcing quality control. Prior to joining the team at A Catered Event Jessica attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She obtained a degree in nutrition with a focus in dietetics and is now a Nutrition and Dietetic Technicians, Registered (NDTR). Jessica grew up loving food and believes that food has a huge impact on the wellbeing of others. Her mission is to make sure that those in need are fed a well-balanced diet to improve the quality of their lives.

A Catered Event Columbus

Cecelia Sims

HR Manager

Cecelia has been with A Catered Event since October, 2015. She oversees recruitment and hiring, managing payroll, develop and maintain personnel policy, and is the point of contact for employee relations. Cecelia has had much experience in past employment opportunities such as a senior manager position with Ameritech, Director of Transportation for National Church Residences, and Human Resources coordinator for Adult Day Care Centers. Much of her career has been spent in customer service. Cecelia appreciates the opportunity to have employees as her primary customers at A Catered Event.

A Catered Event Columbus

Clara Herr


Clara has been with A Catered Event for the past five years. She works closely with the food programs that serve children from Children’s Hunger Alliance, YMCA, and a variety of daycares. Clara also manages the accounts payable and accounts receivable at A Catered Event. Before coming to A Catered Event Clara was the bookkeeper at Buckeye Hall of Fame for 12 years. She enjoys working with numbers and loves being a part of a company that serves children in need.

A Catered Event Columbus

David Mahoney

Delivery and Equipment Specialist 

David is the consummate “jack of all trades.” He has been a dependable team member at A Catered Event for the past five years. During that time he has worn many hats and done many different jobs. He loads & delivers equipment for our off-premise events, works at those events as the Back of the House Manager, sometimes serves meals for our school lunch program, and helps keep the warehouse organized. David says he enjoys seeing people eating, smiling & happy (especially the children). He thinks that “a woman’s laughter is second only to children’s laughter.” When children are happy, he is happy!

A Catered Event Columbus

Jason Creduer

Logistics Assistant

Having worked for A Catered Event for over a year, Jason assists with truck routing and meal deliveries. He also delivers hot food to our off-premise events and often works the back of the house. Jason looks forward to coming to work every day at A Catered Event. He says he enjoys the customers he serves, the people he works with and the job he does. He especially likes helping the children we serve in our lunch program. Jason feels that the people at A Catered Event are a good team!


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